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Sunday, March 07, 2004
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* The Christian Delusion. Weak Christians, regardless of how high-profile their persons and reputations, are following President Bush in the belief that this nation has a Christian president. More balderdash. Thinking Christians (or those who get their news from other sources than CNN) oppose President Bush's talk-one, do-another policies on special privileges for gays and lesbians, abortion and other issues of importance to the Christian faith. To thinking Christians, George W. Bush uses the Christian right as a large voting bloc, saying enough to keep them happy and then doing the opposite, despising the Gospel.

Why is this not opposed? It is by the thinking, truly conservative Christian conservatives like Chuck Baldwin. To the rest, it is expedient not to cross Mr. Bush lest the church find itself in a world of political trouble to which it was not appointed. Frankly, the US is no longer a Christian nation, or predominantly comprised of Bible-believing Christians. It merely has a lot of church-going pew warmers who like to shout 'glory' at every opportunity and go along with the program to avoid trouble.
That is anything but the way of the Cross. This delusion of America as a 'Christian' nation (and it was founded by the earliest settlers as a nation where the Gospel would be taught and preached freely) still persists throughout the world, tarnishing the image of what Christianity is, and gathering a following for this president whose contempt for the church is obvious. But it is convenient for the media to bury the truth ... as far as they are concerned, truth is not only relative, most of it is dead.

Reading American newspapers and listening to American mainstream media will buy you a dose of delusion and perhaps an ounce of truth in the weather forecast, the sports scores and loc"

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